Ahead have created a range of practice pads that are ideal for getting those chops up to scratch! 7" and 10" single sided pads are mountable to a 8mm cymbal stand, as is the 10" snare sound pad. The 10" double-sided pad features a soft and hard rubber surface so that practice is not limited to one type of bounce or feel.

AHP3Z | 14" 3 Zone Workout Practice Pad
14" S-Hoop Marching Pad | Optional Snare Sound

AHPZM | 10" pad with snare sound
AHPDM | 10" Double sided pad (hard/soft)
AHPS | 7" pad with 8mm thread

AHPM | 10" single sided pad with 8mm thread

AHPDB | 14" Double sided brush pad AHPKZ | 10" Corp Pad with Snare Sound



ACOP | 5" Clamp On Practice Pad

AHCBDP | Marching Bass Drum Practice Pad



From A Short Warm-Up To A Full Work-Out, Ahead’s Portable, Practical “Strap-On Pad” Is Practice Made Perfect. The new “Strap-On Pad” from Ahead has been developed to offer drummers and drum instructors a more portable alternative to conventional practice pads as well as a reduced-volume, practice instrument for drumset, concert and marching drumming. Featuring a top-quality, gum-rubber playing surface that provides a natural feel, the pad’s stick response and controlled volume lets drummers and teachers focus greater attention on technical and musical development while also supporting hearing protection. The “Strap-On Pad” is quickly and easily secured to a player’s upper leg using Velcro™ straps; eliminating the need for stands or table-top surfaces while accommodating both traditional and matched grip. In this convenient position the pad can be used for pre-show warm-ups, daily work-outs, lessons or solo and sectional rehearsals at home, in the studio and on the road.

AHSHOPP | Ahead 6" Compact Stick-On Practice PadDeveloped to offer drummers a more portable alternative to conventional practice pads by eliminating the need for stands and allowing you to conveniently practice on any flat surface. Great for warming up on your desk, kitchen counter or coffee table.


• Quickly and easily sticks on to any clean flat surface
• Soft, black gum rubber pad surface with red rubber rim
• Extremely convenient and portable
• Tacky gel back that is washable and renews original tackiness instantly 
• Realistic feel
• Improves technique without ear damaging volume








The Wicked Chops Practice Pad is exactly what you need for developing and mastering accuracy, dynamics, power, speed and endurance in your sticking, regardless of your skill level. Optimize your drumset, drumline and orchestral chops with this premium practice pad that fits in your pocket.