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Well the last week and a half has been very interesting for us. As with many homes and businesses across the UK we were hit by the flash floods of Thursday 28th. It was just after 4pm when the first bucket load came down. And it was just when we thought we'd stemmed the flow that the 2nd helping swept in to the warehouse!

There was a mad panic as we scrambled to get gear off the floor and up on to the shelves. To maximise efficiency, i pretended we were in the rainforest zone of The Crystal Maze. Luckily we managed to save most of the stock, but as always with these kind of things, some gear was caught by the water.

So now the carpets are out and we are gearing up for a bit of redecorating in the offices. Christine's eternal optimism is turning this surprise disaster in to a chance to spruce things up, and we have been able to keep the orders flying out the door so its not all bad.

On a much more positive note, DG Cajons have been going great since we brought them in just over a month ago!

Many of you will be familiar with the brand, it's been doing the rounds in the UK for some time now. In terms of taking on a new product this has been a great bonus as most of our retailers are already pretty clued  up on the fantastic range DG offers.

These Cajons fit in really nicely with our other brands such as Craviotto and Istanbul with their handmade, bespoke edge, and we are going to be pushing them hard at this years London Drum Show

Check out the full range here   DG Cajons

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