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We are currently working closely with Chalklin to help them create a dedicated website which will hopefully de-mistify a range of products which can sometimes be overwhelming to the layman. The fact is that over the years Chalklin Percussion Mallets have been a great seller without ever being advertised. A big part of it's success has stemmed from the knowledge of the customers who buy the product, and their knowledge can sometimes surpass our own knowledge of the product. We are hoping that with the new website we can provide an extremelly clean and clear catagorisation of the whole Chalklin range with all of the informatin you will ever need on the product right there on the page. That probably sounds like the definition of just about any product website, granted! But, because a lot of us (customers, retailers and ourselves) have very little experience in the world of Orchestral music, we believe it is even more important for this range to have clearly presented info for each model. So you'll know immediately when you look at a product on the site not only the sizes and spec of a mallet, but also the instruments it is used for and the situations/context it is to be used in. Theres nothing worse than when you're trying to help a customer but you just don't have the product knowledge to guide them in the right direction, we've all been there! So the aim is quick, concise info presented in easy to navigate way. If any of you have any ideas and suggestions we'd love to hear them. This site is for you guys so it'd be great if you could have a hand in it.

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