Being a Distribution company means that we don't always get to meet our customers (especially those further afield) which is largely down to the fact that we don't have any full time representation on the road. As a was watching Warehouse Tommy throwing boxes around and moaning about something or other I thought to myself "the world should get to see how awesome we all are here!" So in this blog I thought it would be neat to introduce the workforce here at BR so that you can put a name to a stupid face!

Barry behind one of his 27 personal Craviotto kits
Starting at the very top it's the big chief Barry Race. Barry started BR distribution back in 1988, the same year Belinda Carlisle hit the charts! and just like Belinda, Barry wanted to hit number 1 in the drum and percussion accessories charts! oh yea!

Tommy packing like a madman

Next up it's Warehouse Tommy. This year started a bit crap for Tommy when his lung collapsed at work. I'll never forget Tommy calmly walking into the office with a look of mild annoyance on his face and saying "i think i'll have to go lungs collapsed again". Hard as nails, he's old school! No-one packs a box better than Tommy and don't even think about messing up his warehouse, he's made grown men cry for such things!

Kevin & Chris accounting for some accounts

Then there's the new accounts department of Kevin & Chris. As i mentioned in the last blog Kevin only joined BR earlier this year but since then him and Christine (Barry's wife and BR Director) have joined forces to create the ultimate stock ordering machine! I think Barry is actually scared of them when it's time to order some gear. Kevin isn't a drummer, he's brass player who leads Military bands and this has given us added experience especially with Chalklin.

Me with my remarkably large forehead

Lastly there's me, Richard. I'm in the sales department along with Barry, on the front line, in the trenches talking on the phone about drums day in and day's a hard life! I've been here nearly 3 years now and look at what I've achieved in that time.....a blog and a twitter account! That'll show Barry never to advertise a position on the Job Centre Website.




Well for our 1st blog i thought it would be a good start to talk about all of the recent goings on at BR. There's been a lot of change this year and in a lot of ways it's been the most challenging since i started at BR a little under 3 years ago (Jeez...3 years already!)

Although it's been a challenging year it's also been one of the most exciting for a few reasons.

    Kevin in his usual office attire 
  • We recruited a new member of staff. Kevin came aboard the H.M.S B.R in April and has slotted right in doing a sterling job floating between the office and the warehouse. This has led to a much more streamlined operation which has kept Warehouse Tommy from losing his rag. This has actually resulted in a 30% decline in 'box throwing tantrums' in this quarter alone!

  • We took on a major new line in AHEAD ARMOR CASES. Drum bags have always been a gap on our shelves that we have looked to fill but finding the right bags was the big issue. Luckily our US supplier of Ahead decided to manufacture possibly the best bags on the market which was something we couldn't resist getting involved in. We are now into our 3rd shipment of bags, cases and hardware sleds and things couldn't be going much better. It took about 3 days for Barry (our boss and M.D) to get over the shock of seeing the warehouse as full as it's ever looked, packed from pillar to post with boxes of Ahead bags. Once the colour returned to his face we were able get the first orders out the door and to be honest we haven't looked back since. A massive thank you has to go out to our retailers who have truly embraced the product and given it the chance it deserves. We've had nothing but positivity from those who took it on to their shop floor and now they are gladly reaping the rewards!

Accessories with flair!
  • Within the last month we have taken on yet another line in DANMAR. Danmar's range of flamboyant percussion accesories has been massively popular on both sides of the Atlantic so its a great honour to be able to offer this stuff to the UK market who have been a little frustrated in recent months at the illusiveness of the product. Now Danmar has found a loving home and we're really looking forward to getting stuck in to it.

To finish the first blog i'd like to share a classsic moment when a good friend and retailer visited the BR HQ and took the chance to perform a rather unique product 'test drive'...enjoy!

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