TnR Products introduces their new line of “foam floater” accessories that improve the sound of any tom or snare drum by increasing its volume, sustain and low end frequencies. Booty Shakers are foam floater “booties” that slip onto the legs of any brand floor tom. Little Booty Shakers are foam floater “cleats” that attach to the snare drum stand with velcro straps to float a small tom or snare drum. Both devices are made of specially engineered foam that suspend the drum and decouple it from the floor or stand. Both devices produce dramatically better results than metal suspension mounts or rubber tips and at a much lower price. They are used by pro drummers in the studio and on stage and are now being marketed toward semi-pro and amateur drummers. Attractively packaged in clear plastic bags with header card and individual UPC codes, both products make great add-on and impulse sales.