Specifically designed for maximum tonal response ‘Symphonic’ timpani mallets are made in five varying grades from staccato woodball, through medium solid felt to seamless sack-type. The latter having cork inner cores oversewn with fine gradations of piano felt. The parallel handles are of selected turned maple finished with hard lacquer.

Designed for the professional these carefully hand-crafted mallets have handles of strong tonkin cane with diameters from 10mm-13mm. The large cork heads are over-sewn with the finest soft felt to produce the ultimate in tonal satisfaction. Available in staccato, hard, medium and soft.

Similar in design to the standard MS timpani range these mallets have slightly longer maple handles dipped in black lacquer offering an attractive alternative appearance. 

ME Timpani mallets are produced with the same care as the symphonic types but have heads of split seamed felt sewn over inner cores of compressed felt. Available in medium and soft grades with the addition of a powerful hard and medium solid felt model. The tapered handles are in hardwood with lacquered finish. 

The MSGJ range has felt ball inner cores specially layered with seamless piano felt. The tapered handles add to a pleasing balance. In addition to hard, medium and soft, a thin felt staccato and a bright solid ball ‘forte’ model create new and exciting sound possibilities. 

The BS timpani mallets are of the same sack-type as the MS symphonic but with 10mm birch dowels and wooden inner cores most suitably balanced for the classical repertoire. A notable addition is the BS21chamois headed stick for players who wish to impart authentic crispness and attack for music of the baroque period.

MSC CARTWHEEL: Small disc-shape head excellent for rhythmic clarity.

MSF FLANNEL: Made from compressed layers of flannel to produce a distinctly spongy sound