ASTR | Ahead Speed Torque Ratchet Key

Designed for FAST high tension tuning and standard tuning. It includes a drum key and a phillips screw driver, with reversible switch and dual sided male/female adapters all within a stylish compact design


ADK | Klip-it Drum Key
If innovation is your game, then this drum key is for you. The clip allows the drummer on the go to fasten their drum key to almost anything so that its easily accessible and quick to find.


REKM | Dunnett E-key zinc drum key
REKPC | Dunnett E-key polycarbonite drum key

Finally! A drum key made to fit your hand as well as your tension rods. The E stands for ergonomic and for eccentric. This perfectly balanced drum key allows for faster rod removal / replacement and extra leverage when required. Can be made to fit left or right hand. Available in heavy die cast or light weight plastic !



WM DK | WorldMax Drum KeyA brilliant quality but basic drum key from WorldMax, comes with a pre-drilled hole meaning that it can be attached to a lanyard etc.