DRUMnBASE has launched a new product that will become the new standard of bass drum hoop protection! The HOOP PROTECT 180 (HP180) gives bass drum hoops the best total protection on top, side and bottom of the hoop, 180 degrees! This way a bass drum pedal has no chance to damage the lacquer and / or wood of your hoops.

Besides protecting the hoop, HP180 also increases the pedal grip – so no moving pedal anymore!

- Clean the hoop before application
- Apply carefully due to strong adhesive quality
- Do not touch the adhesive surface
- Use an adhesive dissolver (for instance "WD-40") to remove

Why is the DRUMnBASE drum mat the best out there?

The most important thing; it prevents your drums  from moving and slipping away! Due to the special double anti-slip material your drum set will be solid as a rock – every part of your set up will stay on it’s place the whole gig.

Secondly this drum mat is very compact and easy to transport, making your life a lot easier! And what about; easy to clean, spike proof (if you think you need spikes), very durable!


  • Measurement:1.80 x 1.40m
  • 1.2mm thick
  • Weight 3,5kg