American Black Cherry

Cherry is the softest of our wood species. It is 35% softer than maple and offers a clear warm tone with lots of body and bright overtones. Cherry is the jazz player's dream! This wood sings with a clear voice and has a very wide tuning range.

American Black Walnut

Walnut is our most popular wood species. It is beautiful and sounds even better. It is 30% softer than maple, giving it a warm tone, low fundamental note, and lots of body. This makes for an exceptional deep and punchy rock snare or you can tune it up for a cutting full bodied jazz or fusion snare.

African Sapele

Sapele has a very similar appearance to mahogany and is slightly harder than maple. This drum has piercing attack, tons of volume, smooth mid tones and a very wide tuning range.It will cut through the mix in any music style.

Archetype Snares were designed with one major
factor in mind...VERSATILITY! These snares are
arguably the loudest, most sensitive, and tonal
wood snares that you will ever hear. Every
Archetype Series Snare comes with a laundry list
of high end features that all work together to make
what we believe is the best sounding, best looking,
and most versatile snare on the market. Check
them out below!

14"x6" Ultra Thin Solid Stave Shell

The foundation for the drum is the 14" wide
by 6" deep by 1/4" thick solid stave shell.
The 6" depth allows the drum to tune well in
the low, mid, and high register. 6" deep
snares have become very popular over the
past several years for those reasons. The
thin shell wall allows the drum to be open
and resonant with a very large tuning range,
and because the shell is solid stave, the
sensitivity, responsiveness, projection, and
tone are all as good as it gets.

Polyester Mirror Gloss and Satin Finish

Archetype snares and ktis are available in two
types of finishes, our Mirror Gloss finish and Satin.
The high gloss finish you see is not a "lacquer"
finish, it is actually a polyester finish. True lacquer
finishes are quite soft and can damage very easily.
We use polyester for several reasons. It is very
hard, so it is much more durable than lacquer, and
the mirror gloss shine that it produces can't be
beat. Admittedly this stuff is extremely expensive
and difficult to work with but HD is all about the
best, which meant polyester was the only way to
go for our gloss finishes. Our satin finish gives the
drums a classy vintage vibe and is also not made
with traditional lacquer. It is made from a much
more durable finishing product, but we can't give
away the secret of exactly what it is.


Every Archetype snare is equipped with the S-
Hoop on the top and bottom. S-Hoops bring the
best aspects of flanged hoops and die-cast hoops
together. They are rolled steel, like flanged
hoops, so they are naturally resonant and allow
the drum to remain very open and full bodied.
They are also rigid like a die-cast hoop, so they
generate loud cracking rim shots and cross sticks,
but don't weigh down and choke the drum like a
die-cast hoop would. Many major brands are
trying to mimic the S-Hoop with their own
versions, and for good reason, but the S-Hoop
still remains the best.

HD Solid Aluminum Distance Adjustable Chrome Lugs

The HD lug is a small single point lug. The lug body
is machined from solid aluminum, as opposed to
being cast from steel as most lugs are. The idea
behind this lug design was to create a lug that
would cause as little hindrance to the shells
resonance as possible. The solid aluminum body
allows vibrations to pass through the lugs very
easily, resulting in an overall more resonant drum.
They are also very light weight, so the shell is not
weighed down allowing the drum to resonate more
freely. And they only require one small hole to be
drilled into the shell for mounting. Also, each lug is
plated with decorative chrome that looks great and
adds strength and protection to the aluminum
body. The threaded insert also floats in the lug
body allowing it to be adjusted toward or away
from the shell while remaining parallel to the shell
body. This ensures perfect tension rod alignment
regardless of head seating.

R7 Three Postion Throw

Dunnett snare strainers have the reputation for
being the best performing and best looking
strainers on the market. The new Dunnett R7 three
position throw lives up to the reputation. The 3
position swing lever enables 3 different snare
sounds with just the flick of the lever, and in our
opinion is the classiest looking throw on the
market. It is also features a quick release function
that allows you to change the snare side head
without having to de-tension your snare wires.

Dual Adjustable Wires

The FatCat Dual Adjustable Wires enable you to
acheive just about any snare sound you want
without having to change wires. This 24 strand
carbon wire snare unit allows you to adjust the
center 12 wires independently from the outer 12
wires. This makes it possible to tighten all of the
wires with the strainer adjustment to get a tight
snap sound, and then slightly loosen the middle 12
wires so snare remains sensitive to ghost notes
and light rolls. You can finally have a tight
sounding and sensitive snare sound at the same

Tight Screw Tension Rods

Every Archetype snare comes equipped with Tight
Screws. These tension rods have a small nylon
insert in the threading of the rod. The nylon insert
grips the inside of the lug threading as it is being
screwed in. This causes the tension rod to say in
place and in tune no matter how hard you are
playing. No more re-tuning your snare in the
middle of a show!

Sleeved Washers

SLEEVED WASHERS are a Hendrix Drums product
that has exploded in popularity over the past year.
They may be small but they make a big difference.
They eliminate all metal on metal contact between
the hoop and tension rods, produce smoother and
more accurate tuning, enable lower tuning without
any “rod rattle”, protect the chrome on hoops and
rods, and reduce backing out of tension rods so
the drum stays in tune for longer. SLEEVED
WASHERS come as standard on all Archetype
Series drums.

Vintage 30 degree Round-Over Edges

Each Archetype Snare drum has the timeless
vintage 30 round-over bearing edge. The 30
degree inner cut gives the drum attack and crack,
while the small round-over counter cut gives the
drum a warm tone while allowing the drum to
remain very open and resonant.