Joe Greenacre || UK || Mammal Not Fish/Independent


With driving grooves, impeccable feel and electric energy at the core of his playing, Joe has found that when combined with his relentless enthusiasm for all things drums and an uncompromising swagger, he has become a formidable powerhouse that constantly pushes the boundaries.


Drawing from an exceptionally wide sphere of influence, Joe’s playing is the perfect balance of groove, power and musicality far beyond his years and the cymbal setup he chooses reflects every element of this.


Joe’s first experiences of live situations were in youth orchestras, where he learned how to adapt to playing numerous styles with ease. From a young age he cut his teeth with various local bands both out on the road and in the studio, playing styles from hard rock to jazz and everything in between. This “hands on” musical education helped develop the skills needed to become an incredibly diverse and adaptable musician, as well as experimenting with the conventional to craft a very individual sound born out of a desire to be at the cutting edge.


His adaptability and readiness to tackle any situation has kept Joe working for over a decade now, playing on numerous records and led to him performing at some of the UK’s biggest festivals alongside globe spanning artists.



17” Traditional Dark Crash (hi-hat top)

17” Traditional Medium Crash (hi-hat bottom)

21” Special Edition Jazz Ride

22” Traditional Dark Crash

24” 30th Anniversary Ride