With KBrakes, the persistent problem of bass drums moving away from you while you play is solved! No more lugging around cinder blocks and sandbags, just simply unscrew the rubber foot on your current kick drum spurs and slip KBrakes and you drum will be locked firmly into place! If your kick drum is creeping away from you as you are performing, practicing or just fooling around, then you need KBrakes.

Kick drum creep is something all drummers will face at one point. The problem happens when a bass drum is hit by the beater over and over again (but that how drumming works isn’t it?); this causes the drum to gradually move forward. You may have noticed this and thought that's just what happens when you play hard. You may have tried things like placing a cinder block or sandbag in front of your bass drum. Or maybe you’ve tried things like tying the kick drum to the throne, or taping the drum spurs to the floor. You may have tried taking the feet off of the spurs and letting the spike drill into the rug. But still the problem persists.

KBrakes are feet for your kick drum spurs that have 256 stopping points that stop your bass drum from sliding forward as you play. Unlike tape or cinder blocks, KBrakes blend in with your kit and will not damage your bass drum in any way. Get KBrakes today and stop chasing your kick drum around the stage!