Roc N Soc Seats


Roc 'n' Soc seats are the pinnacle of comfort and durability for musicians. Each seat comprises of hand-sculpted cushions made of high grade foam, covered with a soft velour seating panel to prevent sweating and slipping and finished with a vinyl trim. Adjustable backrests are also available for all seats.

The seat is not flat but rather a thick, contoured cushion. The cushion's cut-away front relieves pressure on your lower thighs, promotes good circulation and allows greater freedom of movement. The cloth cover allows the body to breathe during hours of sitting.

Adjustable backrests are also available for all seats.

RS O-B | Cycle seat blue
RS O-G | Cycle seat grey
RS O-K | Cycle seat black
RS O-N | Cycle seat green
RS O-R | Cycle seat red
RS O-T | Cycle seat tan
RS R-B | Round seat blue
RS R-G | Round seat grey
RS R-K | Round seat black
RS R-R | Round seat red
RS S-B | Square seat blue
RS S-G | Square seat grey
RS S-K | Square seat black
RS S-R | Square seat red
RS H-B | Hugger seat blue
RS H-G | Hugger seat grey
RS H-K | Hugger seat black
RS H-R | Hugger seat red