Tone Cookies are the best addition to any drum set.  We all like to hit our drums hard, but it sucks to have to tune them perfectly to get rid of the overtones and can take time away from practice time and studio time.  You can put Tone Cookies on your toms, cymbals and bells to help get the sound you want.   You can put Tone Cookies anywhere and get a unique and professional sound.

Tone Cookies were developed to last the entire life of your drum head. This unique product removes only the unwanted overtones, those which come from the real world of imperfect drums, drum heads and drum tuning. Tone Cookies are not the "one second, apply and fly" dampening system like similar products.


Important Traits of the Cookies:

• They Never Attract Dust or Chips

• They Have a Super Long Life Span

• They Work Great Upside Down

• They Work Great on All Cymbals and Bells


Tone Cookies have the following advantages:

 1.  Tone Cookies will never melt under stage lighting;

2.  Tone Cookies do not attract dust, dirt of other airborne contaminates to its exposed surfaces;

3.  Tone Cookies have no problem attaching to the bottom heads;

4.  Tone Cookies never need to be washed;

5.  Tone Cookies are easily trimmed, if desired, for fine tuning.  Easily cut using regular scissors.

6.  Tone Cookies look great on your heads;

7.  When properly installed, Tone Cookies will easily last the life of the head.