Vibes are earplugs designed for music. A traditional foam earplug muffles and distorts sound. This is due to an unequal distribution of decibel reduction between low and high frequencies (bass to treble). Ever had speakers playing in a room next door and all you can hear is the thumping of the bass? Well that’s because none of the high frequencies (treble) can make it through and the sound is distorted. That same thing happens when you wear a foam ear plug, its like putting a wall between your ears and the music.

Vibes actually filter acoustics, lowering decibel levels equally from bass to treble. This is done though a special sound tube and sound-enhancing acoustic filters that balance and modify the sound waves properly. This allows you to hear the music exactly the way it intended to be heard, only without the damaging decibels that cause your ears to ring and become damaged.

The average concert is around 98-115 dB’s. Experts agree anything over 85 decibels causes hearing damage. At this decibel level, your body is straining to take in sound as it is over-exposed to noise. Right now, the standard option as a consumer is to use foam ear plugs which are stigmatized, uncomfortable, non-reusable and were never designed for music or sound quality in mind. They were made to deaden sound in environments where quality is of no concern

Hear true, natural, HD-sound with hi-fidelity earplugs.