“Not since hearing the likes of Purdie, Porcaro and Gadd have I been this impressed with a groove orientated drummer. His pocket is deep, his time feel impeccable, and his taste factor through the roof." GREG RULE Grammy Award Nominee

With a deeper than deep groove, a great sense of musicality, and an incredible energy and enthusiasm for all things music and drumming, Wayne displays the kind of commitment in his playing that shows it's all about making the music feel and sound as good as possible. Playing for the song is the name of the game. 

Wayne’s diverse and flexible style combined with his wonderfully characterful groove have led to countless opportunities to work with a huge range of artists and legendary producers, applying a chameleon like ability to adapt to any situation and always play the appropriate thing. Always exhibiting the perfect combination of band member swagger and studio-drummer finesse. Life on the road has taken him to the likes of the Montreal and Montreux Jazz Festivals, Glastonbury, Hard Rock Calling, International television, radio appearances and every gig in between.

In addition to his touring and session schedule Wayne is also an increasingly in demand Producer. Recently applying his production and mixing skills to albums such as British Blues Award winners King King’s iTunes No 1 “Reaching For The Light”, UK guitar great Ben Poole's latest studio album “Time Has Come” and many time British Blues Award Winner Oli Brown’s last 2 albums “Here I Am” and live album “Songs From The Road. Wayne has also recorded a highly acclaimed drum loop CD called King Tone Grooves, which was released worldwide through AMG. Keyboard ‘Key Buy Award’ wrote “Who Is This Drummer? was my first question as I listened, mouth wide open.Talk about five-star stellar drumming.”

Artists worked with

King King, Stevie Nimmo, Oli Brown, Aynsley Lister, Jon Amor, Ben Poole, Ian Parker, Ron Sayer JnR, Scott Mckeon, Adam Norsworthy, Nine Below Zero, Sherman Robertson, Wilson T King, Alex Hepburn, Rebecca Ferguson, The Davey Brothers, Lora Jayne, Mark Butcher, The Nimmo Brothers, Fin, Paul Riley, Sefton, Sean Webster, Tom Wardle, Craig Johnston, George Montague, Brothers Groove, Sam Wilkinson,