WorldMax Snare Drums have become renowned throughout the drumming world for their range of top-quality snare drums with classic designs, all constructed with a selection of quality metals. Each snare guarantees incredible sound, stunning aesthetics, versatility and fantastic build quality - perfect for the modern drummer no matter the genre.



Classic Steel Snare (WMS SPX-6514SH)

This 14" x 6.5" SPX model offers excellent value with
it's 1mm thick steel shell for extra cutting power,
2.3mm super-hoops, central strengthening bead,
traditional S-9 strainer and ten centre spanning
double ended lugs, ensuring minimum shell contact.







Jade Tiger 14" x 5" (WMS XM-1450JT)
Tuning is a dream with the vintage green plated steel
shell snare drum. A new twist on a classic
sound, the 'Jade Tiger' delivers and looks good doing it.








Yellow Steel 14" x 5" (WMS XM-1450YW)
Tuning is a dream with the vintage yellow plated steel
shell snare drum. A new twist on a classic
sound, the Yellow Steel delivers and looks good doing it.







Black Brass w/ Chrome (WMS BK-6514SH)
The thin shell of this brass beauty gives it superior
response and cut, as well as that perfect musical
tone that only a brass shell can provide.
The chrome hardware gives it a defined and stylish
look, to let you know it can do the business.
It comes fitted with 2.3mm super hoops, central bead
tube lugs, traditional S-9 strainer and high quality
snare wires. Available in 14"x5", 13"x7" and 14"x6.5" models.



Black Brass w/ Black Hardware (WMS BK6514DHBX)
The musicality of this thin black shell is undeniable,
providing everything you need with either the 14"x5"
model, or the deeper 14"x6.5" model. Die cast hoops
give a tight cross stick sound and consistent tuning.
The tube lugs, S-9 strainer and German made brass ended
snare wires all come as standard. All fittings are
finished in a destinctive black nichel plate.
A beautiful look and tone.








Brushed Red Copper Brass (WMS BKR-6514DHX)
The musicality of this thin shell is undeniable,
providing everything you need with either the 14"x6.5"
model, or the deeper 13" x 7" model. Die cast hoops
give a tight cross stick sound and consistent tuning.






Brass Hammered (WMS BKH-5014DHX)
The black nickel plated brass shell model looks as
beautiful as it sounds. The vintage look provided
by the hammered shell harbours a dark and thick
musicality. It comes equipped with tube lugs, central
bead, traditional stye S-9 strainer, imported German
snare wires and chrome die cast hoops for more
consistent tuning. This hand hammered snare is available
in 14" x 6.5" and 14" x 5" to suit your needs.





Aztec Gold (WMS BK-6514SFXG)
The black brass Aztec gold snare drum incorporates
modern snare drum build with vintage look and feel.
The 1mm shell delivers a clear responsive tone with
German brass ended snare wires fitted as standard.
The Aztec gold single flange hoops, double ended tube
lugs and S-9 strainer offset against the black brass
shell gives the drum an amazingly classy look.
Available in 14"x5" and 14"x6.5".



Bronze Hammered (WMS BZH-6514DHBR)

 The WorldMax 14" x 6.5" Hammered Bronze Snare Drum is a high-quality snare from WorldMax, featuring a hammered bronze shell with brass hardware and a bronze clear lacquer finish. The hammered shell offers a distinct tonal warmth which you can expect from a bronze shell, with a long sustain and smooth attack. The drum features durable brass hardware including 3mm die-cast hoops, tube lugs, and a traditional S-9 strainer. The imported German snare wires offer a crisp sound which can easily be controlled via the strainer. Ideal for a wide range of drumming styles and genres, the bronze clear lacquer finish of the snare will let it stand out whether you are onstage or in the studio.



Lazer Engraved (WMS BK-6514EN)
The 6.5" Lazer Engraved black brass drum is decorated
with a gothic-tinged coat of arms that scrolls all
the way around the shell, almost meeting. The deep
brass shell endows it with the sort of bright, thick
snare sound that will have you pawing at an imaginary
26" bass drum in unison! Slackening off the head
brings about a massive, fat crunch while tuning it
up delivers a blink inducing rifle shot!






Sapele Wood (WMS LE-6514SW) 

The WorldMax 14" x 6.5" Sapele wood model delivers a classic warm and distinctive tone. With a 7mm thick shell, natural lacquered finish and single flange hoops this drum stands up against hand built custom models at a fraction of the price!