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Voggy’s Big Tambourine

Kids are getting bigger - so are tambourines! With this tambourine you can drum, shake and ring the bell to your heart's content until your parents pull the emergency brake! The indestructible plastic head withstands even tougher use and thanks to the practical finger hole, the tambourine lies well in the hand. Struck with the palm of your hand, played with a mallet or shaken: Thanks to the chamfered ring edge, Voggy's tambourine with its 12 pairs of jingles always sounds powerful and clear!

Voggy’s Claves

These classic rhythm instruments are ideally suited for the first musical steps and are also very popular for beating time. Depending on how you hit the wooden sound bars together, they sound different. These sound bars are very suitable for promoting the sense of rhythm in children. The coordination of eyes and hands is trained at the same time. The sound bars are ideal for the first band in the children's room. The Voggy's sound bars are made of beech wood. The edges are gently rounded, the wooden surfaces are untreated and the wood is only waxed, so nothing stands in the way of safe and carefree playing and making music.

Voggy’s Egg Shaker

Designed with little hands in mind, this wooden egg shaker rattles so happily you won't want to stop! Whether alone or in a group of children, Voggy's Egg-Shaker is always an "egg catcher"!

Voggy’s Gorgeous Glockenspiel

This Glockenspiel is a real feast for the eyes: 8 high-quality colored metal bars (matching Voggy’s Glockenspiel Book), resting on a gently rounded beechwood bridge, smoothly rounded edges and a gentle wax treatment make it really easy on small hands. The pair of wooden mallets (included) can be stowed away safely and conveniently in the integrated mount.

Voggy’s Headless Tambourine

The classic: Even the youngest ones particularly enjoy making music with the tambourine. The ergonomically flattened wooden edge nestles securely even in the smallest hands and the sound of the 12 pairs of high-quality metal jingles has already inspired many a young musician.

Voggy’s Jingle Stick

Bell bar with 6 pairs of bells. The child-sized wooden handle encourages imitation of interesting sounds such as a rattlesnake ...

Voggy’s Little Drum

It doesn't matter whether you play it with a mallet or with the palm of your hand: you can get a wide variety of sounds from this high-quality hand drum. Hard-wearing and hygienic synthetic fur. With a wooden mallet.

Voggy’s My First Glockenspiel Set

The lovely and bright sound of the glockenspiel is particularly popular with children. Because you can use a mallet to create different tones and even melodies, the glockenspiel is a versatile instrument for young children that is ideal for early musical education. Whether as a gift for a child's birthday party or for in between, this glockenspiel set guarantees hours of fun and a first introduction to the world of melodies. The wooden glockenspiel is equipped with colorful metal plates with a good sound. The first knowledge of music is taught in the small carillon school in a child-friendly way, colored notes ensure quick learning success and thus strengthen interest in music.

Voggy’s Sleigh Bells

The slender wooden handle lies safely in children's hands and the sturdy leather strap holds the 5 bells securely - just shake them and they will ring happily! Alternatively, you can pull the ring of bells over your hand (or foot) and make music with every movement!

Voggy’s Sleigh Bells Stick

Lies comfortably in the hand and particularly promotes the development of fine motor skills: Our bell stick convinces with a pleasantly warm wooden feeling and the bright silvery sound of its 13 little bells.

Voggy’s Tambourine

Whether it's beaten and muted by hand, beaten with a mallet or simply shaken: the diverse sound possibilities of this tambourine inspire even the youngest drummers!

Voggy’s Three Tone Chimes

Held in the hand or simply placed on the floor or table, the silvery, bell-like sound of these chimes captivates children and adults alike. Playing with the mallet promotes the development of coordination skills and spatial imagination. The pitch of the three sound bars is matched with a triad (CEG) and they always sound excellent, regardless of the order in which they are played – everyone can elicit beautiful tones from these chimes right away.