Slide QT Drum Kit Silencer Pad Box Sets - Practise drumming with lower noise
- Reduces volume of your drums and cymbals
- Natural feel and response
- 1 bass, 1 snare, 3 toms, 2 cymbals, 2 hat pads
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Slide Protect your drums with Ahead Armor Cases
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Slide Istanbul Agop Xist Cymbal Set

- 14" Hi-Hats
- 16" Crash
- 20" Ride
- FREE 18" Crash
- Cymbal Bag
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Slide Rim Groover For ultimate rimshots and rimclicks!

- Comfortable and natural feel
- Full organic maple sound
- Increased drumstick and rods lifespan
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Slide 14″ x 6.5″ Black Brass Snare Drum Features:
Chrome tube lugs
2.3mm Triple Flange Super-hoops
Central strengthening bead
Traditional S-9 strainer
German made brass ended snare wires
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Slide Improves
- Bounce & rebound
- Finger technique
- Proper grip & fulcrum
- Double stroke & buzz rolls
- Hand & wrist motion
- Speed & precision
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Slide Ahead Armor 38″ x 16″ 14″ Ogio Hardware Bag With Wheels

- DX core provides two layers of high impact foam padding
- Soft premium grade Sherpa fleece lining
- Ingenious DynaZip cutaway design with full length zipper along the case
Slide Tackle 22″ Cymbal Bag Backpack – Forest Green

- High quality leather & rugged canvas exterior
- Three canvas dividers provide ample protection for your cymbals
- Backpack straps provide increased portability
- Lightweight construction makes longer travels easier
- Holds up to 22'' cymbals in main pocket & 15'' in front pocket

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