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Digital Drum Dial

• Digital LCD display measures true Timpanic pressure from 0-100 • Custom foam lined protective hard shell case • Glass calibration standard • Edge Gage • Lug back drum key holder • Tuning chart and Instructions • Simple one touch calibration that maintains the cal point even when powered down!

Drum Dial

• Silent Operation • Tuning Accuracy • Ability to Repeatedly Tune to a Particular Pitch • Easily Tunes in Loud Surroundings • Compact and User Friendly • Measures Timpanic Pressure, not Tension Rod Torque

Drum Dial Drum Trigger

The DrumDial drum trigger is an extremely sensitive, heavy duty, long lasting alternative to electronically trigger your acoustic drum set. DrumDial drum triggers are compatible with any electronic drum module and comes standard with a quality-insulated cable, " quarter input jack, mounting tape, Velcro fastener and a cable mounting bracket. Our drum triggers are set in Mil-spec Electro-mechanical grade epoxy and then sealed in rubber to insure unsurpassed reliability. Great for your snare, kick or toms.

Drum Dial Hard Case

  • Heavy-duty, dedicated plastic hard case.
  • Double walled construction with commercial grade molded mechanical hinges and a Patented unbreakable latch.