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Slug Beater Badge – Red

The only 6-arm Vented Impact Pad for single foot pedal beater. Patented design protects drumhead and improves strike articulation. Flexing arms with venting increases sound projection without muffling.

Available in silver or red.


Slug Beater Steel

• Shaft: 17-4PH Stainless Steel
• Weight: 3.25 oz
• Shaft Length: 6.5"
• Head Colors: Green 
• Works with all foot pedals as an upgrade to improve 
   pedal performance


Slug Double Beater Badge – Silver

The only vented impact pad design specifically for double beater pedals. Has flexing arms with venting increases sound projection without muffing sounds.

4.5" x 7.5"      015" thick polycarbonate film


Slug Uni Beater Badge (Glow In The Dark)

The “Uni-Badge” is the first universal application vented impact pad. Designed to protect and enhance the sound of any drumhead, it can be played with sticks or mallets, and it works with both single and double foot pedals when used on a bass drumhead. It stays in place with high-strength, pressure-sensitive adhesive and can be mounted on the top or underside of the drumhead.