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Treeworks 25″ Hard Sided Case

Tre51 Fits:

Tre35, Tre35db, Tre23, Tre23db, Tre44, Tre44db and Tre24

Will also fit other manufacturers' chimes.


Treeworks 5 Note Meditation Energy Chime

The Treeworks 5-Note Meditation Energy Chime is a simple yet beautiful instrument. This chime can be played horizontally, held in your hand, or vertically by using the included Desk Stand. When struck with the included mallet, these notes produce a beautiful, clear tone.


Treeworks Chime Case Fits TRE35, TRE35XO & TRE24

lg24 fits:

Tre35, Tre35db and Tre24 and will also fit other manufactures' chimes.


Treeworks Chime Case Fits TRE44, TRE23 AND TRE20

md18 also fits:

Tre44 and Tre23 and will also fit other manufactures' chimes.


Treeworks Chime Dampener

Our new Chime Damper is designed to be used with TreeWorks Chimes as well as other manufactures' chimes.

It is made of laser cut steel with a black powder coat finish. The tension of the damper is adjustable. The TRE54 also incorporates our TRE52 mounting bracket that can be attached to the tubular section of a stand.

No Extra Stand Needed - Just place your chime on the included mounting bracket. This leaves the top of your stand free for another instrument. Exact Sustain Control - The damper arm can be left loose and moved into action as needed. Or it can be locked into any position making it possible to precisely control how long the chime will ring.

One Handed Use - Totally rigid laser cut steel. The damper arm allows for smooth one handed movement with no twisting or binding. Not so with most designs.

Not only can you stop the chimes on command; the damper will keep the bars from accidentally sounding at unwanted times (like windy outdoor concerts, marching band or unstable stages).


Treeworks Chime Mounting Clamp – Black

This quality chime mounting bracket / clamp is designed to be used with all TreeWorks Chimes as well as other manufactures' chimes


Treeworks Small Bi-Angle

  • Made in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Extremely hard, high-carbon steel for brilliant shimmering response.
  • Graduated diameter. Each larger Bi-Angle is made from a larger size bar to get the best possible tone.
  • Tempering at 500 degrees for a full spectrum of sound.
  • Ultra thin zinc surface does not adversely affect the natural sound of the alloy.
  • Each Bi-Angle is hand bent and tested by ear. (No factory style mass production.)



Treeworks Soft Case For TRE555 & TRE416 (Extra Large)

Will also fit other manufacturers' chimes up to 32-inches.


Treeworks Triangle Beater

Pack of Three 8-inch Stainless Steel Triangle Beaters with durable & comfortable rubber grips.

Sizes In Pack:

  • 1/8" diameter with 2-inch grey handle
  • 3/16" diameter with 4-inch black handle
  • 1/4" diameter with 4-inch red handle

Treeworks Triangle Mount


  • Triangle mount
  • Includes sand cast bronze finger cymbal
  • Includes 8" stainless steel beater
  • Mounts any triangle to any round/square stand
  • Extra strength, hand braided TreeWorks CordLoc
  • Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee