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20″ Rtom Black Hole Practice Pad Snap-On Tuneable Mesh Head – Bass Drum

Low volume practice with an 80% reduction in volume Sounds exactly like your drum set–just quieter! Easily snaps on to your drums–no head removal Durable mesh head built for longevity Tunes to your desired tension with a single-point tuning system Available in sizes 8″-24" By RTOM, the makers of Moongel!

Ahead 5B “Patriot” Ltd Edition Drumsticks

Each red, white, and blue pair are individually laser engraved with stars and stripes. 5BLTD Drumsticks are similar in feel to the standard 5B drumsticks yet slightly heavier, with extreme durability, more tip attack and fusion-style power and feel.

Ahead Armor 24″ Deluxe Cymbal Case with Shoulder Strap

SKU: AA6024

• 600 denier polyester exterior 
• Weather resistant 
• DX-Core hi-impact foam interior 
• Removable fleece dividers 
• Holds up to 24" cymbals 
• Exterior 15" hi-hat and/or splash compartment 
• Heavy-duty, padded handles and shoulder strap 
• PVC-reinforced bottom section

Ahead Armor Bongo Bag

SKU: AA8113

Internal Dimensions
• DEPTH (inches) 19.5
• DIAMETER (inches) 10
• HEIGHT (inches) 7.5

• 600 Denier Polyester Exterior 
• Weather-Resistant 
• Tuc-Away Backpack Straps 
• Heavy Duty Handle 
• DX-Core Padding 
• Dynazip Zipper 
• Exterior Pocket 
• Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Ahead Chavez Arsenal 1 Bass Drum Mallets 14.25 Long x 1.25 Head White 16-18 Bass

• All NEW Hyper-Form Engineered swaging process for a longer life span • Designed for 16"-18" bass drums • Fastest mallets on the market • 50% less shock than wood drumsticks • Last 6 to 10 times longer than wood drumsticks • 10% more rebound than wood drumsticks • High precision alloy core guarantees consistent weight and balance variations of less that 1% • Oval felt head that is attached to the shaft with a high-grade epoxy • 1 piece shaft/handle design that eliminates any issues experienced with traditional rubber handles • Ergonomically tuned handles • Built-in Vibration Control System (VRS)

Ahead Heavy Duty Snare/Pad Stand

Designed to hold snare drums or practice pads ranging from 10" to 15" in diameter.

Ahead Light Weight Concert Pad Stand

Designed to hold practice pads ranging from 10" to 14" in diameter.

Ahead Mach 1 PRO Cymbal Stand Double Brace with Cymbal Crown

• 8mm thread with Cymbal Crown • Geared tilter • Insulated tube joint clamps with Memory Locks • Double brace, 2 tier • Heavy duty design

Basic Clear Drum Protection Film

The Basic Pack includes two large patches, perfect for the backside of tom(s) and/or for the side or top of your bass drum. This pack also has two hoop strips for the underside of your bass drum hoops. This pack is ideal for a four piece drumset.

Chalklin Bass Nylon Shaft Junior Fluffy Head (CMM20)


Marching mallets are available in a choice of maple, nylon or aluminium handles. A variety of heads from solid felt for aggressive attack to a more subtle ‘thud’ from the fleece covered models cater for a varied sound spectrum.