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Flix Classic Brushes

FLIX Classic Brushes are designed to meet and even surpass the qualities of the best wire brush. Specially selected fine flexible, and durable fibers, push-pull retraction and covered extra-long handles have created a superbly balanced 'traditional' style brush - a true 'Classic' and already a favorite with many brush specialists and tutors.

Flix Classic XL Brushes

Produced to meet demand for a heavier version of the popular Classic brush, Classic XL has 40% more superfine fibres and features excellent balance and volume with a broad dynamic range.

Flix Jazz Brushes

Flix Jazz Brushes have Exceptionally resilient fibers, superb balance, light fast response and surprising cymbal clarity, combine to satisfy the full range of technical expression.

Flix Jazz XL Brushes

Jazz XL with greater length and stiff, resilient, fibres, feel and play quite differently from other, more conventional, brushes and present an opportunity to apply stick technique to a softer brush sound.

Flix Rock Brushes

FLIX Rock Brushes are similar in balance and dynamic facility to the Jazz brushes, but with 60% more fibers producing more 'punch' from greater weight.

Flix Sticks

Flix Sticks . Simply the most popular product. Drummers, world-wide have discovered just how versatile, subtle and expressive the Orange Rods Sticks can be.

Flix Sticks Heavy

Flix Sticks Heavy  are heavier sticks, with thicker fibers, produced to meet the demand for a louder, harder, sounding stick. Increasingly popular.

Flix Tips Heavy Rock

Flix Rock Tips are Used by several heavy rock drummers for a hard driving sound. 'A total blast'.

Flix Tips Light

Producing a light, tight sound, FLIX Light can accent and punctuate without overpowering. Superb for ethnic and Latin applications, including timbales.

Flix Tips Medium

Flix Tips Medium are Similar to the popular Orange Fiber Rods Sticks, but with a small tip for sharper response from snare and cymbals.