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Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner – 8oz / 240ml

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner was formulated for use on high quality professional bronze cymbals. Groove Juice cymbal cleaner is intended to be used as a cymbal maintenance. To restore the brightness of your cymbals quickly and easy by removing dirt and smudges.  

Groove Juice Drum Stick Grip Spray – 4oz/120ml

“Stick Grip” a spray-on grip enhancing product that will allow drummers to fine tune their grip on the sticks giving them more control and also prevent the dropping of sticks or the dreaded flying drum stick

Groove Juice Groovin’ Glow Guitar Polish – 4oz/120ml

Groovin Glow specifically formulated for polishing your guitar. Groovin Glow will make your guitars shine and look beautiful whether its on display or on stage. Simply spray a light mist and with a soft cloth buff to a high luxurious shine. With the same no mess easy application  

Groove Juice Jr. Cymbal Cleaner – For Sheet Bronze Cymbals – 8oz / 240ml

Groove Juice Jr. has been formulated for use on the entry level budget price cymbals.

Groove Juice Shell Shine Drum Polish – 4oz/120ml

Shell Shine is designed to maintain the luster of drum kit finishes. By simply spraying a fine mist on one side of the drum shell and buff to a high gloss with soft cloth. Easy to use no mess.