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Istanbul Agop 10″ Art Splash

  • Highly versatile. 
  • Professional sound
  • Quality at an affordable price. 

Istanbul Agop 10″ MS-X Splash

Delivers high-pitched explosion with loud and powerful accent.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Sultan Splash

Quick and direct responses with a clear attack.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Traditional Bell

High-pitched for special accents but with a longer sustain.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Traditional Mini China

Dark and trashy. Responds quickly with an exotic trashy character.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Trash Hit

A unique and creative lathing process gives the outer edge its warped and malleable quality. Smaller sizes sound like a cross between a splash and a china. Larger sizes sound more like a cross between crash and a china or a swish. Fast, trashy attack with a fairly quick decay.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Turk Bell

A completely unlated bell with a clear, dry and well defined pitch.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Turk Splash

Dark and raw with a quick, dry decay.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Xist Brilliant Splash

Xist Brilliant Splashes are quick and direct responding with a clean, brighter attack.

Istanbul Agop 10″ Xist Ion Hi-Hats

Focused and cutting attack, the laser cut crop circles add extra complexity and a quick decay.