Chalklin Mallets – Worldwide Distribution

Worldwide Distribution

BR Distribution is proud to announce it is now the Worldwide Distributor of Chalklin Percussion Mallets.

BR Distribution has been distributing the Chalklin brand within the UK for 20 years, in which time it has become the brand leader of percussion mallets. Chalklin have been producing hand crafted percussion mallets for over 50 years. They are appreciated and endorsed by amateurs and professionals alike. Chalklin really do present a mallet for every percussionists needs.

To mark 50 years of Chalklin, BR Distribution have launched a new website this can be found at All International dealers can now open an account online to gain access to the new buying portal to check availability and current pricing.

All UK dealers are encouraged to continue to use the BR Distribution website.

RTOM Announce New Low Volume Mesh Heads!


Mesh with the best! Similar to comparable mesh heads, LV Mesh Heads replace your existing acoustic heads to allow for low-volume drumming. But that’s where the similarities end. LV Mesh Heads feature a specially designed sound patch at the center of the head, which enhances the realism of the response and provides a more audible attack. And, like the Black Hole Practice System, their heavy-duty mesh material offers unparalleled durability.

LV Mesh Heads are an exceptional option for drummers on a budget who want to outfit their entire kit with a high-quality, low-volume practice solution.

Chalklin Mallets – European Distribution

Chalklin Mallets are pleased to announce their distribution dealership with BR Distribution will be extended throughout Europe.

BR Distribution have been distributing the Chalklin range for over 10 Years in which time it has become a brand leader of percussion mallets here in the U.K.

Developed by Paul Chalklin this extensive range of hand crafted percussion mallets utilizes the finest materials, they are appreciated and endorsed by amateurs and professionals alike, Chalklin presents a mallet for every percussionist’s needs.

BR Distribution who specializes in drum and percussion accessories will be looking to strengthen the Chalklin brand through a network of European retail outlets.

“Chalklin Mallets are confident BR Distribution who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary will use their knowledge and experience within the music industry to help us leverage our position in the percussion market” said Paul Chalklin, Managing Director.