Dragonfly Percussion Bass Drum Beater 3-Pack

Includes Hard Leather Kick Drum Beater, Medium Canvas Kick Drum Beater, & Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater

Dragonfly Percussion Bop Softy Kick Drum Beater

Tiny descendant of the popular Big Softy. Constructed from stacked layers of soft flannel and even softer fleece. It has all the silky warmth of the Big Softy in a much smaller package, perfect for small 16"-20" bop bass drums

Dragonfly Percussion Hard Leather Kick Drum Beater

The hardest beater is constructed of 5 discs of thick, firm leather tightly stacked together on a brass post.  This beater is articulate and punchy, but with a warmth and depth to the sound not found in conventional hard felt beaters.  Great general purpose beater.

Dragonfly Percussion Medium Canvas Kick Drum Beater

The 40 layers of canvas discs stacked tightly together produce a super round, bass-y sound, but with a surprising amount of punch and clarity.  While softer than your standard felt beater, it elicits a fat, bold, warm sound without sacrificing attack and punch.

Dragonfly Percussion Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater

With 50 layers of soft flannel, this beater is warm, soft and beautiful.  It is far more responsive and consistent through all dynamics than a lamb’s wool beater.  Soft, but with an audible attack at super soft dynamics, warm and round, even when playing super loud.  For the most legato and elegant kick drum sound, this is your beater.

Dragonfly Percussion Suede Kick Drum Beater

This beater has a big, dark, bassy sound, but with a super clear, leathery attack. It is both more articulate and darker than the Canvas beater, but warmer all around than the Dragonfly leather beaters. With 18 densely stacked layers of suede, this beater is a true workhorse

Dragonfly Percussion Two Tone Leather / Fleece Kick Drum Beater

This innovative hybrid beater is designed to sound soft when played softly and hard/punchy when played loudly. It is made of alternating layers of hard vegetarian leather and super soft fleece. Perfect for cushioning the drum while keeping time and adding a bit of accent

Dragonfly Percussion XL Flannel Kick Drum Beater

This beater is a perfect blend of the Dragonfly Soft Flannel Beater and the Big Softy, 4 Layers of ultra soft fleece are sandwiched between 32 layers of soft flannel. With its diameter of 2 ½" it is exactly between the 3" Big Softy and 2" Soft Flannel. It gives your bass drum a huge, boomy sound with very little attack and a little more clarity than the Big Softy, but definitely softer and more boomy than the Soft Flannel