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VOLT Egg Shaker Set (4 Pieces)

Small instrument, big effect: This applies above all to the new VOLT Egg Shaker, which is available in four different sound and dynamic colors. From soft singer-songwriter sounds to hard rock, the four percussion eggs, available in the versions "soft", "medium", "loud" and "heavy", cover all styles.

VOLT Hand Drum Set (4 Pieces)

The right drum for every occasion - or simply play them all at the same time!

VOLT KazooJon®

Features: - 3-in-1 instrument: Mini Cajon, Kazoo & Bongo - Modularly useable (double soundhole principle) - Patented playing surface with integrated damping element - 2 different playing surfaces (front: Snare/Bass, back: Bongo)

VOLT Satellite Shaker

Revolutionary shaker with freely selectable sounds. With the simple Click & Play system, you can switch sounds in seconds and assemble your own shaker - with 16 possible sound combinations! The ergonomic aluminum handle becomes a docking station. Here you can dock your satellites. The cleverly designed wood shakers offer a range of sounds from classic to offensive. There are also 2 single-shot satellites! With this you can expand your shaker with accents that you have never heard before. Compose your own sound, combine the shaker bodies and travel into a new groove universe with the single-shot satellites.

VOLT Shakerino

The compact shakerino combines the sunny sound of noble brass jingles with the crisp sound of a mini wood shaker.

VOLT Tambourine

The Volt Tambourine is at the forefront when it comes to sound.

VOLT Tambourino

The smallest tambourine in the world! Crazy and strong in sound! - Hardwood frame with beech veneer - 6 pairs of brass jingles - Exclusively manufactured jingles with 5-point hammering - 4 mm brass axles

VOLT Tube Shaker

- Two tube shakers with different sounds - Light beech wood tubes - Different resonance holes and wooden caps for innovative sounds - Filling with hardwood sticks - Leather strap - Intelligent single-shot technique - Filling with hardwood rods - Pairs with high & low sound - Shaker set including bag - Size: approx. 15 x 5 cm