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Voggy’s Little Drum

It doesn't matter whether you play it with a mallet or with the palm of your hand: you can get a wide variety of sounds from this high-quality hand drum. Hard-wearing and hygienic synthetic fur. With a wooden mallet.

Voggy’s Tambourine

Whether it's beaten and muted by hand, beaten with a mallet or simply shaken: the diverse sound possibilities of this tambourine inspire even the youngest drummers!

VOLT Hand Drum Set (4 Pieces)

The right drum for every occasion - or simply play them all at the same time!

VOLT Tambourine

The Volt Tambourine is at the forefront when it comes to sound.

VOLT Tambourino

The smallest tambourine in the world! Crazy and strong in sound! - Hardwood frame with beech veneer - 6 pairs of brass jingles - Exclusively manufactured jingles with 5-point hammering - 4 mm brass axles